Shaadi Games:
A initiative to bring two families closer with fun and interactive games.
The concept for "Shaadi Games" is using vibrant, traditional, action filled and fun illustrations. The main motive was to change how shaadi event is perceived. 

Through Shaadi games we will connect friends and families of bride and grooms across borders and cultures and build bonds that truly strengthen this relationship. Shaadi Games is not just a concept , but a purpose aimed at making lives happier , and meaningful.
we want to let people know that shaadi traditions can be fun and enjoyable. It can be more than just dressing up, showing up and eating. Along with singing and dancing, families can engage in fun activities and challenges and really have a lot of fun and create unforgettable memories.

Rough skecthes
Main Illustration: The concept of main illustration was to show all characters in desi colorful attires and competition vibe between groom and bride side
Ruksati Race (Scavenger Hunt):To find different wedding objects hidden in different places
Dance off: A battle of dance between family of groom and bride
Theatre wallay: An acting competition between families  of groom and bride
Filmy Fanda: An activity to pick 3 categories from different boxes (Song,movie,character) and they prepare a skit using all three elements.
scavenger hunt( digital)
Family Feud:  A series of fun Q/A between two families
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