In 2021, I got an amazing opportunity and was nominated by British council Pakistan to take part in 'Creating Heroines', as part of the WOW (Women of the World) organized by the British Council. 
Being part of creating heroines has been such an amazing experience, specially meeting other artists, connecting, collaborating and bonding across borders.
As for our final project, i collaborated up with an amazing artist from India and Nepal together we came up with a idea of "Dream across border"
The goal of our project was to create a platform where women can share their dreams across borders.
So we took 3 days workshop, where participants shared stories around what their dreams are.
As for my dream it was about a women based place where women could relax or spend some time and have a cup of tea!
I remember going to a dhaba after doing university project with my friend, and the waiter told us that we do not have women area and we told him to give us corner seat as we just wanted to have a tea, spending those 20 mints in dhaba with unwanted male attention made me realize that we women dont have such places where we can chill, have tea and enjoy which made me think why cant we have such place purely owns by women, runs by women and especially "ONLY" for women?
Dhaba-e-Khawateen is all about that, a dream to have safe space for women where they can enjoy and have their karak doodh patti! (tea)
Dining area accompanied by female staff
Open chai area with charpais
Workshop area
Female server
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